Debris 2016

2 channel video installation with hanging glass globes in projection
each video is 8′ 6″ H x 13′ 8″ W – 2.9m H x 4.17m W
channel 1 is 14 min 27 sec continuous loop
channel 2 is 16 min 22 sec continuous loop

Debris plays with the philosophy of Kintsugi, the Japanese practice of mending with gold. Mended objects convey a sense of the passage of time with relation to states of being. Repairing something that has been broken, scarred, fractured or shattered brings it new life — a rebirth — by embodying ruptures with a poignancy that comes from it’s past life while its new and altered presence transforms the past into an asymmetrical future.
Video images of trash will be projected onto and through a suspended glass environment mended with “gold”— a metaphor for recycling refuse and repairing the damage trash has made and continues to make on the environment.

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