Energy Fields: Markings I, II, III – a triptych 2013
video projection, recycled rusted steel, and walnut
29″ H x 44 ½” W x ¾” D – 74cm H x 113cm W x 2cm D (each panel)
video duration: Markings I 6′ 34″, Markings II 2′ 30″ and Markings III 6′ 12″ and each loops

The expressive geometric and curvilinear gestures in Markings, like those in Iron Curtain, use processed images of street art to suggest the energy of the urban landscape as well as political and social issues. The images in the installation penetrate the surfaces of jagged steel slats to spill unexpected patterns on the wall, suggesting the tempos and visual excitement of the city. These marks are like visualizations of tilted sound waves penetrating the external world, or, perhaps, vertical encephalograms revealing interior vistas. The ragged and jagged steel also suggests the dangers street artists face in expressing their vision.

Energy Fields: Venice Morning 2013 and Venice Evening 2013
video projection, birch and silk
48″ H x 75″ W x 8″ D – 122cm H x 190cm W x 20cm D (each fan/shell)
video duration: Venice Morning 19′ 49″, Venice Evening 12′ 36″ each loops

A playful, yet ominous, choreography weaves through Venice Morning and Venice Evening. Projections on two fan-like sculptures of wood and silk, reminiscent of Carnivale, portray reflections in a Venice canal of buildings worn away by rising seas due to climate change and the persistence of boat wakes that are challenging the infrastructure of the city.

Energy Fields: Watermarks 2013
video projection, glass globes and latex
dimensions variable depending on presentation space
video duration: 57′ 07″ and loops

In Watermark images of water and plants are projected onto the wall and a latex balloon through glass. The plants in the videos are some of the non-indigenous invasive species —Burma Reed, Salt Cedar, and poppies – that have been brought to the United States, primarily on the oceans. They have made their marks on the land, politics and culture. These plants are simultaneously both detrimental and beneficial to the environment and society. Watermark also continues to expand our explorations of how glass and video sculpt light to create an atmosphere of sanctuary and an intimacy of place to contemplate the intersecting energies of digital technology, the man-made, and the natural world.