two video projections – one on the surface of the wall, the other on a sculpture of rubble and steel slats on the floor
wall projection – dimensions variable
floor projection – 14″H x 84″W x 60″D – 36cm H x 213cm W x 152cm D

Graffiti has been an integral and vibrant part of many cultures across the globe and has told (and continues to tell) stories encompassing every facet of the human condition. These “markings” always have been controversial — from the prehistoric petroglyphs, to the rude marking in Pompeii, to the chalk “tags” scribbled on the Reichstag by Russian soldiers, to the social and political protest of contemporary artists such as Banksy and JR.
Images from the Berlin Wall projected onto serrated rusted steel slats are symbolic of how graffiti has been and continues to be a rich window into the diversity of people, cultures and issues across the globe.