Message in a Bottle: Scavengers at TJ 2022:
A pair of peacocks pecking and eating bugs off of a license plate in the parking lot of the Trader Joes in Pasadena represent many animals and other creatures that are being displaced from their natural habitats and becoming scavengers, eating what they can find for nourishment in urban and suburban environments.
Peacocks have become a problem for many residents of Southern California. They were introduced into the San Gabriel Valley in the late 19th century by a wealthy entepreneur. Since that time their numbers have grown and many have become wild and feral. Their piercing cries disrupt many residents during early morning hours, they dig up lawns and gardens and cause distress to many people, yet others love them, appreciate their beauty and grace, hoping that the populations will remain. These birds have created a real dilemma for many communities.

Message in a Bottle: Vanishing Water, Vanishing Culture 2022
Water as a source of life is revealed as the human body meets the textures of a stream in a continuing song of merging and individuation. The images of water flowing over rock are from La Cueva Creek, an arroyo in the Pecos wilderness that swells during the mountain snow melt and thunderstorms, but is becoming a dry creek bed. The snow and storms are diminishing in the Pecos wilderness and throughout New Mexico due to rapidly rising temperatures and drought conditions in the west. The native American dancer in the water represents the threat to the survival of Native tribes – continuance of living on their lands and their way of life – due to drought and the impact of man on the environment and their cultures.

Message in a Bottle: Fire on the Snow 2022
Fire burning on snow seems like an impossibility, yet it becomes a visual symbol of the destruction of resources for many people in many places due to fires, floods, rising seas and other natural disasters as temperatures continue to rise on the planet.
The performer is of Native American and Maori heritage. By dancing in the fire on the snow she suggests the fragility of indigenous people in relation to man’s impact on the environment, climate change, and culture.

Message in a Bottle: Timepiece II 2022
Timepiece ll is an experimental video about subtle changes in the body and mind over time due to aging – an abstract glimpse of the transformation from the substance of our physicality to spirit.

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