Past Present – 30+ years collaboration
Phil Space exhibition: August 5 -26, 2016

Susanna Carlisle and Bruce Hamilton present works from more than three decades of collaboration. They combine backgrounds in visual art, architecture, computer technology and video to design and build sculpture and installations.

Their sculptures and installations are constructed from wood, acrylic, glass, fabric, steel, brass, cables, and organic materials. Moving images often are placed into these sculptural environments

Their early sculptures were designed on a computer—a Tektronix storage tube. Hamilton wrote programs to manipulate geometric forms in space and then the duo made drawings and patterns with which to build and realize these pieces. Ever since Carlisle fell down the rabbit hole into video, they have been creating sculptures and installations that take the moving image into the third dimension.

Stretching awareness beyond the looking glass of everyday attention, their works suggest the complex relationship of the man-made and natural worlds with immediacy and motion. They have explored mathematical relationships and addressed many environmental and cultural concerns. Their installations have revealed the impact of climate change — wind and water on sandstone canyons, rising seas on coastal cities, and loss and change of habitat for many species. The desecration of the natural world — its inhabitants and habitats — was the subject of two installations addressing non-native invasive plant species. Other works have responded to the 1980 riot at the NM Penitentiary, the beliefs and symbology of Native American culture, the aftermath of the Berlin Wall, the interior landscape of the body during laparoscopic surgery, and the relevance of street art on the urban landscape.

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