Insects are declining and disappearing most rapidly on the planet. Many of essential pollinators like bees and butterflies are threatened by climate change, loss of habitat and food sources, pesticides, colony collapse and man’s impact on the environment.
Bees and Butterflies have been revered by most cultures throughout history. They are worshipped as gods and goddesses, become a source of ritual and offerings, and have been celebrated throughout the history of art
Past Present addresses the survival of bees and butterflies in today’s world. Videos of an active hive in a Santa Fe garden and butterflies in the Grand Canyon are combined with images of historical works of art from Mesoamerica (the Mayan Madrid Codex), ancient Eqypt (a wall painting from an Egyptian temple at Rekhmere) and a Japanese screen.
The projections onto the serrated slats provide a “broken” surface that spills partial images through the slats. These broken images of the past and present dance on the wall beyond. Perhaps it is a metaphor for how what is substantial in our world is now disappearing into other realms.

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