Reflections Venice 2018

3 channel video installation
8’H x 16’W x 10’D – 2.44m x 4.88m x 3.05m (dimensions may vary)

The infrastructure of many cities around the globe is deteriorating and threatened by climate change. This video installation uses footage of the erosion and crumbling of Venice as a metaphor to bring awareness of the many places around the globe experiencing dire consequences from rising seas and man’s impact on the environment.

Venice is a city of canals. All of the built environment is reflected in the water. The installation portrays this phenomenon. Videos of the reflections of buildings, bridges, doors and walls marked by water and erosion create an atmosphere of instability and the beauty of what is being lost.

Small sculptural elements also are included in the installation. An abstract boat with images of great works of art symbolizes the dilemma of rising seas, not only to the infrastructure, but to the treasures residing in the city. The crystals reflect the poetry of glass making that has developed on Murano. Their reflections and shadows become a metaphor for the fragility of the city.