Video projections through blown glass globes
video duration: Channel A is 38′ 56″ Channel B is 37′ 17″
12′ H x 18′ W x 12′ D – 3.66m H x 5.49m W x 3.66m D (dimensions variable depending on space requirements or whether only one channel of video is presented)

This installation, like Watermarks, brings attention to invasive non-indigenous plants that are proliferating throughout the United States. Many, like Burma Reed, Australian Pine, Salt Cedar, and Russian Olive, are challenging ecological systems by taking over native habitats, disrupting some wildlife and depleting water tables. Some, like the Russian Olive, also may have benefits such as creating habitat and nourishment for birds and other species. Plants like Poppies and Cannabis create social, economic and political problems—addiction, possession leading to prison overpopulation, and death—to name a few. Yet these two plants also have a complex and valuable relationship with developments in medicine, health, and the treatment of disease, as well as a ritual purpose in indigenous cultures. They have created the cause and relief of great suffering in widely diverse populations.