video projections onto recycled glass
28″H x 48″W x 12″D – 71cm H x 122cm W x 30cm D (dimension of each wall)
video duration: each channel is 8′ 7″ and loops

The glass seawalls are symbolic representations of the vulnerability of coastal environments due to rising seas and the disappearance of water sources in desert habitats, both resulting from global warming and climate change. The fragility and transparency of glass become metaphors for our inability to contain the power of the sea and, also, to replenish vanishing sources of fresh water.

The installation is composed of projections onto two walls of recycled glass. We gathered the glass at Santa Fe Solid Waste Management. We cast glass blocks from the recycled glass at the New Mexico Experimental Glass Workshop (where we were 2012 Fellows), then lapped one side of each block to use as a projection surface that would catch the image. We then constructed two walls of blocks. The projections include one of kelp/seaweed that was videoed along the coast of Maine at Cape Elizabeth. The other is of water on the surface of a natural spring in the high desert of NM.