8 minutes

choreography and performance by
Luren Bellucci, Michael Walker, and Jennifer Morrison
voice compositions by Joan La Barbara
story by Sumner Carnahan

Video images of tango dancers Michael Walker and Luren Bellucci and of Butoh artist Jennifer Morrison are combined with the voice compositions of Joan La Barbara to portray a story by Sumner Carnahan “about a professional couple, neo-physicists, whose world revolves and goes upside down with each new theoretical paradigm. The entropic and inexorable universe intersects their cognitive space with the death of their baby. Their recovery from this shock constitutes further shifts and inversions in which everything turns inside out for a moment, later to resettle with an uneasy equanimity. The two use their heads for most of their lives, yet living on earth, the ‘souls’ of their feet do all the complex repositioning necessary to maintain equilibrium in an uncertain world.”

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